MK began coaching me when I was a new operations leader growing a team and school. She helped me identify and focus on key operational priorities, and build strong and trusting relationships within the school community. She did this while also creating a supportive space to process and plan for the unexpected challenges and opportunities that would arise. MK continued coaching me as I developed into a senior leader, and guided me in scaling my impact and ensuring the long-term success of our school.

Katie Thaeder | Director of operations – Kitamba

MK is one of the rare leaders I have interacted with who can effectively balance supporting the socioemotional needs of her team members while holding them accountable to achieving results and growing their ability to deliver measurable value. MK has expertise in developing deep and trusting relationships which empower her to get the best out everyone around her and grow the individuals and organizations she works with.

Mike D’auria | Vice President, Business Development – Second Spectrum

MK was my coach and manager when I first began working in school operational leadership. MK helped me prioritize and analyze challenges during a time of transition at the school which added to operational complexity. She helped me lead authentically and supported my leadership development with honest and key feedback that I still refer to today. Our relationship has continued as I have moved into senior leadership in the education sector and I still seek her counsel during leadership challenges.

Amy Kiyota | Senior Director of Operations – Impact Public Schools

MK was one of the first people I called when I needed a thought partner on tricky people management situations. As colleagues managing school leaders, we both had to navigate the nuance of empathy and accountability, flexibility and high expectations, etc. I always reached out to MK when I needed to broaden my thinking and re-center the people part of people management. She is a leader I trust to bring empathy, understanding and creativity to the challenges of people management.

Jason Shaad | Practice Lead, Operations and Enrollment – Charter School Growth Fund

MK is a powerful coach for both new and experienced leaders. I have watched the impact of her coaching – she has the ability to ask good questions, listen with intent and help her clients grow from an assets-based approach. She does this with incredible warmth and empathy, but also with a focus on results. I have personally benefited from MK’s coaching and found her style to be direct, warm and compassionate, with accountability that moved me to action.

Jeannemarie Hendershot | Chief Operating Officer – Public Prep

MK created a safe space for me to process the key challenges I was facing as a school leader and provided expert tactical coaching that helped me drive forward key priorities. As a coach, MK helped me develop both the skills and confidence to make a bigger impact on my team and school!

Hannah Johns | Senior Director, Education Systems – Harlem Village Academies

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