Executive Coaching

  • In the professional coaching space, I bring a balance of concrete professional experience, blended with the training and expertise of ontological coaching. I attended the Newfield Network program for Personal and Professional Coaching Mastery.
  • Most of my clients are already accomplished and renowned in their respective fields. My clients solicit coaching for a variety reasons. My role is to help them assess their goals and provide the space to create an action plan.


  • Performance Coaching: Moving from good to great within the context of a specific performance challenge. Identifying roadblocks/challenges and creating a pathway forward to improve performance and exceed exepectations.
  • Leadership Coaching: Developing and refining leadership strategies, ranging from a personal leadership credo to identifying and employing specific leadership strategies.
  • People/Team Management Coaching: Improving people management skills: soliciting and delivering supportive and candid feedback; coaching up and coaching out key stakeholders; refining check-in agendas and tools to drive progress.
  • Career Coaching: Exploring career transitions -ranging from within a current role/industry to entirely new industries and exciting challenges and/or life changes (moving to a new city/country, revamping personal priorities, and more!)

Consultant Services

  • Sometimes we need a fresh perspective on a specific challenge. Sometimes we need new stakeholders to challenge old dynamics that are no longer serving our goals. Sometimes we need a little extra help thinking outside the box.
  • And sometimes … we simply need a little extra help. Period. My consulting services are geared toward helping you, your team, and your organization move your work forward.


  • Project Management: Services include the full suite of project design, execution, and follow up. Examples includes building an operations playbook for a small charter network; phasing out an existing charter school, and; developing and managing a strategic plan for moving school facilities.
  • Hiring & Onboarding: Creating effective and accurate job descriptions for school-based operations team members; recruitment and hiring strategies, including interview pre-work and interview tasks to fully optimize your hiring process; developing tailored onboarding toolkits to alleviate the stress of growing your operations team and managing new team members.
  • School Based Ops Development: Identifying opportunities to grow, improve, and streamline school-based operations. Examples include developing toolkits for Directors of Operations to execute high-leverage ops team management, organize workstreams, and increase overall efficiency
  • Building Systems & Structure: Designing and implementing a plan for knowledge management; creating templates for systems documentation; developing rubrics for ongoing systems maintenance.

Professional Development

  • I love helping teams and organizations develop and refine their resources for adult professional learning. I specialize in creating specific and tailored content for school operations leaders and teams. In the school-based setting, the bulk of professional development is focused
  • on academics and curriculum. This totally makes sense! Except, running a school is also running a small business. Our operations leaders often need specific and tailored development around key aspects of business management.


Time and Task Management

Operations Team Management

Project Management

Effective & Efficient 1:1 Check-Ins & Team Meetings

Customer Service & Mindset in a School Based Setting

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