Radical Candor by Kim Scott

Big Picture:
This book was first suggested to me following a 360 Annual Performance Review. My mandate: to manage my team with Radical Candor. Kim Scott illuminates concrete strategies for how we can both challenge directly and care personally. She uses her own personal and professional experiences to share sticky vignettes of how to manage high performing teams in high-stakes arenas, while also maintaining humanity, empathy, and compassion. It’s an excellent read for new and old managers alike, particularly if you feel like you’ve lost your north star and need/want to recalibrate your management ethos.

How to use it:
This is an excellent book club for senior level managers to use with direct reports. It has interesting lessons for the individuals struggling with too much compassion (ruinous empathy) and the individuals that are struggling with too little compassion (miscreant managers). In other words, Kim Scott provides real-life strategies for balancing accountability and kindness. If you are managing someone that is struggling to strike the right balance, buy him/her this book and incorporate reflection exercises into your weekly check-ins.

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