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MK is a trained executive coach and experienced education consultant. Her clients include education and business leaders, CMOs, entrepreneurial start-up ventures, and executive/C-Suite leaders in both the for-profit and non-profit sector.

MK brings a unique blend of talent and knowledge, combining her expertise as a lawyer, clinical social worker, and 20+ years of professional experience in law, social work, and education.

Throughout your partnership, you will discover a relationship that is grounded in kindness, clear communication, and a genuine commitment to helping you achieve your individual, team, and/or organizational goals.


As we become increasingly ingrained in our habits or lack of habit, we risk the possibility of losing our innovative edge. We also miss the potential afforded by fresh perspective. A great coach and consultant doesn’t merely give advice or help you complete a project.

A great coach and consultant will provide the space and framework for you to evaluate your tools, refine your strategies, and determine your path forward. The greatest leaders are continually seeking help and support to inspire innovation and think outside the box.

Our coaching and consulting relationship is not intended to create a dynamic of ongoing reliance. Rather, it’s about building your individual and team capacity to achieve the best version of yourself, your team, and your collective work product.

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